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ray -- Raytheon Raylink / WebGear Aviator IEEE 802.11 2Mbps Wireless
ray* at pcmcia? function ? options RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_DEFAULT=RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_USA
The ray device driver supports the Raytheon Raylink and Aviator 2.4/PRO 802.11 FH 2Mbps wireless PCMCIA cards. The cards can be operated in either ad-hoc or infrastructure modes. The operating mode is selectable with ifconfig(8) through a media option. To communicate with other 802.11 cards a common network id or NWID must be specified on each station that wishes to participate in the shared wireless network. The NWID can be set with ifconfig(8). The device uses IEEE 802.11 standard Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum signaling and operates in the ranges of 2.400 to 2.4835 Gigahertz. This frequency range is further restricted by country according to that coun- try's regulations. Currently the ray driver defaults to using the ranges appropriate for the USA. To change this setting you must define the ker- nel option RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_DEFAULT to one of the following values: RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_USA RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_EUROPE RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_JAPAN RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_KOREA RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_SPAIN RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_FRANCE RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_ISRAEL RAY_PID_COUNTRY_CODE_AUSTRALIA The output power of the transceiver is 100mW and the card's power con- sumption is 365 mA @ 5 volts. The transmission range in open air (line of sight) is a maximum of 1000 feet (or ~304 meters), and indoors (i.e., with obstructions) it is a maximum of 500 feet (152 meters).
Cards supported by the ray driver include: WebGear Aviator 2.4 WebGear Aviator PRO Raytheon Raylink WLAN
ray0: card failed self test: status x Indicates the card has failed its initial startup tests.
ifmedia(4), intro(4), pcmcia(4), ifconfig(8)
The ray driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.
The ray driver was written by Christian E. Hopps <chopps@NetBSD.org>.
Currently the infrastructure mode is untested, and authentication using WEP is unimplemented. NetBSD 10.99 January 24, 2000 NetBSD 10.99
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