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PNPBIOS(4)           NetBSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual           PNPBIOS(4)

pnpbios -- introduction to PnP BIOS support
pnpbios0 at mainbus? XX* at pnpbios0 index ? options PNPBIOSVERBOSE options PNPBIOSDEBUG
pnpbios provides support for finding and attaching devices by extracting information from the PnP BIOS of a machine.
NetBSD includes the following pnpbios drivers, sorted by driver name: com(4) serial communications interface ess(4) ESS Technology AudioDrive family audio device driver x86/fdc(4) floppy controller joy(4) game controller x86/lpt(4) parallel port driver pciide(4) PCI IDE controllers driver pckbc(4) PC keyboard/mouse controller sb(4) SoundBlaster family audio device driver wss(4) Windows Sound System hardware driver ym(4) Yamaha OPL3-SA3 sound driver
i386/intro(4), isa(4), pci(4)
The pnpbios driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.
The pnpbios bus provides a different way to attach devices than the real buses (e.g., isa(4)). The reason to use pnpbios instead of the real bus is that some machines have weird routings of, e.g., interrupts. The exact information about these things can be found in the BIOS, which is why the pnpbios bus has a better chance of succeeding with getting it right. Many older BIOS implementations do not support PnP, and some newer ones do not follow the standards. NetBSD 10.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 10.99
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