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ELANPAR(4)           NetBSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual           ELANPAR(4)

elanpar -- AMD Elan SC520 Programmable Address Regions
elansc* at mainbus? bus ? elanpar* at elansc?
The elanpar driver supports the write-protect feature of the AMD Elan SC520 microcontroller's integrated Programmable Address Regions. Cur- rently, elanpar protects the kernel text from being overwritten by the CPU or errant DMA.
elanpar0: cpu violated write-protect window %u elanpar0: gp violated write-protect window %u elanpar0: pci violated write-protect window %u A Programmable Address Region stopped either the CPU, the general-purpose bus (gp), or a PCI bus master from writing to the indicated window of write-protected memory. elanpar0: %u bytes of kernel text are unprotected elanpar has not write-protected %u bytes of the kernel text.
i386/elanpex(4), i386/elansc(4), dmesg(8), syslogd(8)
The elanpar device first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
The elanpar driver was written by David Young <dyoung@NetBSD.org>.
elanpar leaves as many as 65535 bytes unprotected at the beginning and end of kernel text. Also, elanpar is not compatible with setting break- points using ddb(4). Disable elanpar using drvctl -d elanpar0 before setting a breakpoint with ddb(4). NetBSD 9.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.99
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