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dhcpcd.conf -- dhcpcd configuration file
Although dhcpcd can do everything from the command line, there are cases where it's just easier to do it once in a configuration file. Most of the options found in dhcpcd(8) can be used here. The first word on the line is the option and the rest of the line is the value. Leading and trailing whitespace for the option and value are trimmed. You can escape characters in the value using the \ character. Blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored. Here's a list of available options: background Background immediately. This is useful for startup scripts which don't disable link messages for carrier status. blacklist address Ignores all DHCP messages which have this address as the server ID. This may be expanded in future releases to ignore all pack- ets matching either the IP or hardware address. clientid string Send the clientid. If the string is of the format 01:02:03 then it is encoded as hex. For interfaces whose hardware address is longer than 8 bytes, or if the clientid is an empty string then dhcpcd sends a default clientid of the hardware family and the hardware address. duid Generate an RFC 4361. compliant clientid. This requires persis- tent storage and not all DHCP servers work with it so it's not enabled by default. The duid generated will be held in /etc/dhcpcd.duid and should not be copied to other hosts. hostname name Sends specified hostname to the DHCP server so it can be regis- tered in DNS. If hostname if a FQDN (ie, contains a .) then it will be encoded as such. fqdn [none | ptr | both] none disables FQDN encoding, ptr just asks the DHCP server to update the PTR record of the host in DNS whereas both also updates the A record. The current hostname or the hostname spec- ified using the hostname option must be a FQDN. dhcpcd itself never does any DNS updates. dhcpcd encodes the FQDN hostname as specified in RFC1035. interface interface Subsequent options are only parsed for this interface. leasetime seconds Request a leasetime of seconds. noarp Don't send any ARP requests. This also disables IPv4LL. nogateway Don't install any default routes. nohook script Don't run this hook script. Matches full name, or prefixed with 2 numbers optionally ending with .sh. noipv4ll Don't attempt to obtain an IPv4LL address if we failed to get one via DHCP. See RFC 3927. nolink Don't receive link messages about carrier status. You should only set this for buggy interface drivers. option option Requests the option from the server. It can be a variable to be used in dhcpcd-run-hooks(8) or the numerical value. You can specify more options seperated by commas, spaces or more option lines. quiet Supress any dhcpcd output to the console, except for errors. require option Requires the option to be present in all DHCP messages, otherwise the message is ignored. It can be a variable to be used in dhcpcd-run-hooks(8) or the numerical value. You can specify more options seperated by commas, spaces or more require lines. script script Use script instead of the default /libexec/dhcpcd-run-hooks. timeout seconds The default timeout for waiting for a DHCP response is 30 seconds which may be too long or too short and can be changed here. userclass string Tag the DHCP messages with the userclass. You can specify more than one. vendor code,value Add an enscapulated vendor option. code should be between 1 and 254 inclusive. Examples. Set the vendor option 01 with an IP address. vendor 01, Set the vendor option 02 with a hex code. vendor 02,01:02:03:04:05 Set the vendor option 03 with an IP address as a string. vendor 03,\"\" vendorclassid string Change the default vendorclassid sent from dhcpcd-version. If not set then none is sent.
dhcpcd-run-hooks(8), dhcpcd(8)
Roy Marples <roy@marples.name>
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