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ACPITZ(4)               NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              ACPITZ(4)

acpitz -- ACPI Thermal Zone
acpitz* at acpi?
The acpitz driver supports ACPI Thermal Zones. The temperature can be monitored by the envsys(4) API or the envstat(8) command.
The acpitz driver knows about the active cooling levels, the current tem- peratures, and critical, hot, and passive temperature thresholds (as sup- ported by the hardware). The driver is able to send events to powerd(8) when the sensor's state has changed. When a Thermal Zone is critical, a critical-over event will be sent or if the Thermal Zone is hot, a warning-over event will be sent to the /etc/powerd/scripts/sensor_temperature script. The critical temperature is the threshold for system shutdown. Depending on the hardware, the mainboard will take down the system instantly and no event will have a chance to be sent. The passive temperature is the pas- sive cooling temperature threshold. Passive cooling means the Thermal Zone hardware doesn't have any software control. On capable hardware, active cooling can power on and off fans, for example.
acpi(4), envsys(4), envstat(8), powerd(8)
The acpitz driver appeared in NetBSD 2.0.
Any policy control such as fan control is not implemented. NetBSD 5.0 November 9, 2008 NetBSD 5.0
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