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ACPI(4)                 NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                ACPI(4)

acpi -- Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
acpi0 at mainbus0 acpiacad* at acpi? acpibat* at acpi? acpibut* at acpi? acpiec* at acpi? acpilid* at acpi? acpitz* at acpi? attimer* at acpi? aiboost* at acpi? com* at acpi? fdc* at acpi? hpet* at acpi? joy* at acpi? lpt* at acpi? mpu* at acpi? npx* at acpi? pckbc* at acpi? pcppi* at acpi? sony* at acpi? spic* at acpi? ug* at acpi? vald* at acpi? wss* at acpi? ym* at acpi? options ACPI_DEBUG options ACPIVERBOSE options ACPI_ACTIVATE_DEV options ACPICA_PEDANTIC options ACPI_DSDT_OVERRIDE
NetBSD provides machine-independent bus support for ACPI devices and includes several ACPI device drivers. The NetBSD implementation of ACPI integrates Intel's ACPI Component Architecture (aka ACPI-CA) for the OS-independent part. The ACPI-CA pro- vides OS-neutral ACPI functionalities such as ACPI BIOS table support, an ACPI event framework and an AML (ACPI Machine Language) interpreter. Options: ACPI_DEBUG Enable ACPI debugging message outputs. ACPI_ACTIVATE_DEV Determine if the ACPI driver should attempt to activate inactive devices. The default is off. ACPICA_PEDANTIC Force strict conformance to the ACPI specification in the ACPI-CA. Do not enable this option unless you are debug- ging. ACPI_DSDT_OVERRIDE Force a given DSDT instead of the BIOS- supplied version. Use ACPI_DSDT_FILE to specify a DSDT. ACPI_DSDT_FILE="filename" If ACPI_DSDT_FILE is not specified, default to ``dsdt.hex'' in the build directory. sysctl support Two sysctl(8) settings are especially relevant for acpi: hw.acpi_supported_states and machdep.acpi_vbios_reset. hw.acpi_supported_states is a list of the supported states (see sysctl(7)). machdep.acpi_vbios_reset defines the handling of the graph- ics card. The supported values for this are: 0 No attempt to reset the VGA controller is done. 1 Call the VGA BIOS when still in real mode. This can result in direct reboots. In that case, use `2' or vbetool post from the pkgsrc/sysutils/vbetool package. 2 Call the VGA BIOS using the in-kernel x86 emulator.
NetBSD ACPI supports several machine-dependent and machine-independent devices: machine-independent devices acpiacad ACPI AC adapters. acpibat ACPI Control Method Batteries. acpibut ACPI power and sleep buttons. acpiec ACPI Embedded Controllers. acpilid ACPI lid switches. acpitz ACPI thermal zones. attimer AT Timer. aiboost ASUS AI Booster Hardware monitor. com NS8250-, NS16450-, and NS16550-based serial ports. fdc Floppy disk controllers. hpet High Precision Event Timer. joy Joystick/Game port interface. lpt Standard ISA parallel port interface. mpu Roland MPU-401 (compatible) MIDI UART. pcppi AT-style speaker sound. ug Abit uGuru Hardware monitor. wss Windows Sound System-compatible sound cards based on the AD1848 and compatible chips. ym Yamaha OPL3-SA2 and OPL3-SA3 audio device driver. i386-dependent devices npx i386 numeric processing extension coprocessor. pckbc PC keyboard controllers. sony Sony Miscellaneous Controller spic Sony programmable I/O controller. vald Toshiba Libretto device.
acpiacad(4), acpibat(4), acpibut(4), acpiec(4), acpilid(4), acpitz(4), aiboost(4), apm(4), attimer(4), com(4), fdc(4), joy(4), lpt(4), mpu(4), npx(4), pci(4), pckbc(4), pcppi(4), sony(4), spic(4), ug(4), vald(4), wss(4), ym(4), acpidump(8), amldb(8) ACPI specification, Intel ACPI CA (Component Architecture),
The acpi driver appeared in NetBSD 1.6.
Most of the ACPI power management functionalities are not implemented. NetBSD 5.0 September 21, 2008 NetBSD 5.0
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