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INTRO(4)            NetBSD/mac68k Kernel Interfaces Manual            INTRO(4)

intro -- introduction to mac68k special files and hardware support
This section describes the special files, related driver functions, and networking support available in the system. In this part of the manual, the SYNOPSIS section of each configurable device gives a sample specifi- cation for use in constructing a system description for the config(1) program. The DIAGNOSTICS section lists messages which may appear on the console and/or in the system error log /var/log/messages due to errors in device operation; see syslogd(8) for more information. This section contains both devices which may be configured into the sys- tem and network related information. The networking support is intro- duced in netintro(4). MAC68K DEVICE SUPPORT This section describes the hardware supported on the Mac. Software sup- port for these devices comes in two forms. A hardware device may be sup- ported with a character or block device driver, or it may be used within the networking subsystem and have a network interface driver. Block and character devices are accessed through files in the file system of a spe- cial type; see mknod(8). Network interfaces are indirectly accessed through the interprocess communication facilities provided by the system; see socket(2). A hardware device is identified to the system at configuration time and the appropriate device or network interface driver is then compiled into the system. When the resultant system is booted, the autoconfiguration facilities in the system probe for the device and, if found, enable the software support for it. If a device does not respond at autoconfigura- tion time it is not accessible at any time afterwards. To enable a device which did not autoconfigure, the system will have to be rebooted. The autoconfiguration system is described in mac68k/autoconf(4). A list of the supported devices is given below.
config(1), mac68k/autoconf(4)
The Mac68k intro man page first appeared in NetBSD 1.3.
The devices listed below are supported in this incarnation of the system. Devices are indicated by their functional interface. Not all supported devices are listed. adb Apple Desktop Bus event interface ae DP8390-based Ethernet interface asc Apple Sound Chip esp NCR 53C9x built-in SCSI interface grf on-board and NuBus-based video interface kmem kernel virtual memory ite Mac68k Internal Terminal Emulator mem physical memory ncrscsi NCR 5380 built-in SCSI interface sbc NCR 5380 built-in SCSI interface sn DP83932-based Ethernet interface (SONIC) zsc Zilog Z8530 built-in serial interface NetBSD 10.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 10.99
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