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IOCTLPRINT(1)           NetBSD General Commands Manual           IOCTLPRINT(1)

ioctlprint -- display descriptive ioctl value
ioctlprint [-l] [-e emulation] [-f format] [arg ...]
The ioctlprint utility displays information about the file ioctl opera- tion pointed to by one or more arg arguments. The argument can either be an ioctl(2) symbolic name or the ioctl value. The options are as follows: -e emulation If an emulation of a process is unknown, interpret system call maps assuming the named emulation instead of default "netbsd". -f format The argument is a printf(3) style format string that allows customization of ioctlprint's output. The following conversion characters can be used: %E Symbolic decoded ioctl string. %e Decoded ioctl string with hex values. %n Descriptive ioctl operation name. %x Hexadecimal ioctl number. %o Octal ioctl number. %d or %i Decimal ioctl number. The default format is: "%n %e %x\n" -l List all known ioctl(2) requests.
kdump(1), ktrace(1)
The ioctlprint command first appeared in NetBSD 10.
Kamil Rytarowski <> NetBSD 10.99 April 2, 2020 NetBSD 10.99
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