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ELANPEX(4)           NetBSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual           ELANPEX(4)

elanpex -- AMD Elan SC520 PCI Exception Instrumentation
elansc* at mainbus? bus ? elanpex* at elansc?
The elanpex driver supports the PCI exception-reporting facilities of the AMD Elan SC520 microcontroller's integrated PCI host controller.
PCI master exceptions The host controller may originate a transaction of type %s on bus address %x that fails for the following reasons: elanpex0: %s %x master retry timeout elanpex0: %s %x master target abort elanpex0: %s %x master abort elanpex0: %s %x master system error elanpex0: %s %x master received parity error elanpex0: %s %x master detected parity error Transaction types include i/o read i/o write memory rd memory wr cfg rd cfg wr PCI target exceptions The host controller may be the target of a failed transaction of type %s at bus address %x. Failures may occur for the following reasons: elanpex0: %s %x target delayed txn timeout elanpex0: %s %x target address parity elanpex0: %s %x target data parity Transaction types are alike to failed master exceptions.
i386/elanpar(4), i386/elansc(4), dmesg(8), syslogd(8)
The elanpex device first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
The elanpex driver was written by David Young <dyoung@NetBSD.org>. NetBSD 9.99 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.99
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