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UMIDI(4)                NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual               UMIDI(4)

umidi -- USB support for MIDI devices
umidi* at uhub? midi* at umidi?
The umidi driver supports USB MIDI devices that conform to the Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices. Vendor-specific support is also included for the following: Midiman devices MidiSport 2x4 Roland and Edirol devices Fantom-X PC300 PCR SC8820 SC8850 SCD70 SD20 SD80 SD90 SK500 SonicCell U8 UA25 UA100 UA101 UA10F UA4FX UA700 UA1000 UM1 UM2 UM3 UM4 UM550 UM880N XV5050 Yamaha devices UX256 (product-specific support) Others Other Yamaha MIDI devices will be attached and are expected to work also. Devices supported by the umidi driver will appear as midi(4) devices.
midi(4), usb(4)
The umidi driver appeared in NetBSD 1.6. NetBSD 10.99 October 14, 2007 NetBSD 10.99
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