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LD(4)                   NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  LD(4)

ld -- logical disk driver
ld* at aac? unit ? ld* at amr? unit ? ld* at ataraid? vendtype ? unit ? ld* at cac? unit ? ld* at icp? unit ? ld* at iop? tid ? ld* at mlx? unit ? ld* at nvme? nsid ? ld* at sdmmc? ld* at twa? unit ? ld* at twe? unit ? ld* at virtio?
The ld driver provides support for simple block devices, usually pre- sented by a disk array controller.
/dev/ldup block mode disk unit u, partition p /dev/rldup raw mode disk unit u, partition p
aac(4), amr(4), cac(4), icp(4), intro(4), iop(4), mlx(4), nvme(4), sdmmc(4), twa(4), twe(4), virtio(4)
The ld driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.3.
The capacity and geometry of units as accessed through the ld driver may be different than when accessed through some other medium (e.g. SCSI). NetBSD 10.99 November 5, 2011 NetBSD 10.99
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