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ch -- SCSI media changer driver
ch* at scsibus? target ? lun ?
The ch driver is essentially an ioctl(2) interface to a robot on a SCSI bus - a device that will change media (e.g. tapes, CD-ROMs, etc) in and out of drives for that media. The chio(1) utility program uses this interface to manipulate such robots.
/dev/chu SCSI bus media changer unit u /usr/include/sys/chio.h
ch%d: waiting %d seconds for changer to settle... Some changers require a long time to settle out, to do tape inventory, for instance. ch%d: offline The changer is not responding. ch%d: warning, READ ELEMENT STATUS avail != count ch%d: could not sense element address page ch%d: could not sense capabilities page
chio(1), ioctl(2), cd(4), intro(4), scsi(4), st(4)
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