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IY(4)                   NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  IY(4)

iy -- Intel EtherExpress PRO/10 Ethernet driver (Intel i82595)
iy0 at isa? port {port} irq ?
The iy device driver supports the EtherExpress PRO/10 card, and might support other ISA cards using the same chip.
The different models of the supported boards come with some subset of RJ-45, BNC and AUI connectors. Supported media include: AUI/DIX Standard 15 pin connector 10Base2 BNC, also known as thin-net 10BaseT UTP, also known as twisted pair The default port to use is the port the card autodetects at ifconfig up time. To choose an alternative port, an explicit medium can be specified to ifconfig(8) or in your ifconfig.iy? file.
The EtherExpress PRO card has no jumpers to set the address. Intel sup- plies software to set the address of the card in software. You have to hardwire this address in your kernel configuration file.
ed(4), eg(4), el(4), ep(4), intro(4), ix(4), le(4), ifconfig(8)
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