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PCKBD(4)                NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual               PCKBD(4)

pckbd -- PC keyboard driver for wscons
pckbc* at isa? pckbd* at pckbc? wskbd* at pckbd? console ? options PCKBD_LAYOUT=XXX
This driver supports PC/AT keyboards within the wscons(4) console frame- work. It doesn't provide direct device driver entry points but makes its functions available via the internal wskbd(4) interface. The pckbd driver supports a number of different key mappings which can be chosen from with the kernel option PCKBD_LAYOUT at compile time or with the utility wsconsctl(8) (variable: ``encoding'') at runtime. Other map- pings can be used if the whole keymap is replaced by means of wsconsctl(8). Because PC keyboard hardware doesn't contain a beeper, requests for ``keyboard beeps'' cannot be handled directly. On alpha and i386 a helper device attached to the pcppi(4) driver allows the use of the stan- dard ISA speaker for this purpose. On acorn32, vidcaudio(4) performs this function.
To set a German keyboard layout without ``dead accents'' and sending an ESC character before the key symbol if the ALT key is pressed simultane- ously, use wsconsctl -w encoding=de.nodead.metaesc. To set it at kernel build time, add options PCKBD_LAYOUT="(KB_DE | KB_NODEAD | KB_METAESC)" to the kernel configuration file.
isa(4), pcppi(4), wskbd(4), wsconsctl(8) NetBSD 9.3 July 13, 2020 NetBSD 9.3
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