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ATF-CLEANUP(1)          NetBSD General Commands Manual          ATF-CLEANUP(1)

atf-cleanup -- safe removal of directory hierarchies
atf-cleanup path1 [.. pathN] atf-cleanup -h
atf-cleanup is a utility that removes files and directories recursively, but doing it in a safe manner to avoid crossing mount point boundaries. Before the removal of a given tree, atf-cleanup will look for file sys- tems mounted anywhere inside it and try to unmount them. If all mount points were properly unmounted, it later proceeds to do the real removal. This tool is used internally by test programs to clean up the test cases' work directories, as they may have left other file systems mounted inside them. In the first synopsis form, atf-cleanup proceeds to scan and remove all the given files or directories. In the second synopsis form, atf-cleanup will print information about all supported options and their purpose. The following options are available: -h Shows a short summary of all available options and their purpose.
atf(7) NetBSD 5.0 August 18, 2007 NetBSD 5.0
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