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MICROTIME(9)           NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual           MICROTIME(9)

microtime -- realtime system clock
#include <sys/time.h> void microtime(struct timeval *tv);
microtime() returns the current value of the system realtime clock in the structure pointed to by the argument tv. The system realtime clock is guaranteed to be monotonically increasing at all times. As such, all calls to microtime() are guaranteed to return a system time greater than or equal to the system time returned in any previous calls.
settimeofday(2), hardclock(9), hz(9), inittodr(9), time(9)
The implementation of the microtime() function is machine dependent, hence its location in the source code tree varies from architecture to architecture.
Despite the guarantee that the system realtime clock will always be mono- tonically increasing, it is always possible for the system clock to be manually reset by the system administrator to any date. NetBSD 4.0 September 14, 1998 NetBSD 4.0
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