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pkg_admin(1)                NetBSD Reference Manual               pkg_admin(1)

pkg_admin - perform various administrative tasks to the pkg system.
pkg_admin command args ...
This command performs various administrative tasks around the NetBSD Packages System. Available commands are: rebuild Rebuild the package database mapping from scratch, scanning subdi- rectories in /var/db/pkg for +CONTENTS files, parsing them and writing the resulting absolute pathnames together with the package they belong to into the package database. This option is intended to be used for upgrading from non-pkgdb- pkg_* tools to pkgdb-pkg_* tools, further manipulation of the pkgdb will be done by pkg_add(1), pkg_delete(1) and pkg_create(1). Needs to be run as root. check [pkg ...] Use this command to check the files belonging to some or all of the packages installed on the local machine against their MD5 checksum noted in their +CONTENTS files. If no additional argument is given, the files of all installed packages are installed, else only the named packages will be ckecked (wildcards can be used here, see pkg_info(1) ). The packages' +CONTENTS files will be parsed and the MD5 checksum will be checked for every file found. A warning message is printed if the expected checksum differs from the checksum of the file on disk. dump Dump the contents of the package database, similar to pkg_info -F. Columns are printed for the keyfield used in the pkgdb - the file- name -, and the data field - the package the file belongs to. lsall /dir/pkgpattern lsbest /dir/pkgpattern List all/best package matching pattern in the given directory. Can be used to work around limitations of /bin/sh and other file- name globbing mechanisms. This option implemente matching of pkg- wildcards against arbitrary files, useful mainly in the build sys- tem itself. See pkg_info(1) for a description of the pattern. Example: yui# cd /usr/pkgsrc/packages/i386ELF/All/ yui# ls unzip* unzip-5.40.tgz unzip-5.41.tgz yui# pkg_admin lsall 'unzip*' unzip-5.40.tgz unzip-5.41.tgz yui# pkg_admin lsall 'unzip>=5.40' unzip-5.40.tgz unzip-5.41.tgz yui# pkg_admin lsall 'unzip>=5.41' unzip-5.41.tgz yui# pkg_admin lsbest 'unzip>=5.40' unzip-5.41.tgz yui# pkg_admin lsall /usr/pkgsrc/packages/i386ELF/All/'{mit,unproven}-pthread*' /usr/pkgsrc/packages/i386ELF/All/mit-pthreads-1.60b6.tgz /usr/pkgsrc/packages/i386ELF/All/unproven-pthreads-0.15.tgz
PKG_DBDIR Where to register packages instead of /var/db/pkg.
/var/db/pkg/pkgdb.byfile.db /var/db/pkg/<pkg>/+CONTENTS
pkg_add(1), pkg_delete(1), pkg_info(1), pkg_create(1).
The pkg_admin command was written by Hubert Feyrer.
The pkg_admin command first appeared in NetBSD 1.4. NetBSD 1.5 May 4th, 2000 2
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