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pci - introduction to machine-independent PCI bus support and drivers
pci* at mainbus? bus ? pci* at pchb? bus ? pci* at ppb? bus ? Other pci attachments are machine-dependent and depend on the bus topolo- gy and PCI bus interface of your system. See intro(4) for your system for details.
NetBSD includes a machine-independent PCI bus subsystem and several ma- chine-independent PCI device drivers. Your system may support additional PCI devices. Drivers for PCI devices not listed here are machine-dependent. Consult your system's intro(4) for additional information.
NetBSD includes machine-independent PCI drivers, sorted by device type and driver name: SCSI interfaces ahc Adaptec 29xx, 39xx, and other AIC-7xxx-based SCSI inter- faces. bha Buslogic BT-9xx SCSI interfaces. dpt DPT SmartCache/SmartRAID III and IV SCSI interfaces. isp QLogic ISP-1020, ISP-1040, and ISP-2100 SCSI and FibreChannel interfaces. ncr Symbios Logic/NCR 53c8xx-family SCSI interfaces. siop Symbios Logic/NCR 53c8xx-family SCSI interfaces. Network interfaces de DEC DC21x4x (Tulip) based Ethernet interfaces, including the DE435, DE450, and DE500, and Znyx, SMC, Co- gent/Adaptec, and Asante single- and multi-port Ethernet interfaces. Multi-port interfaces are typically config- ured as a PCI-PCI bridge with multiple de instances on the PCI bus on the other side of the bridge. en Midway-based Efficent Networks Inc. and Adaptec ATM inter- faces. ep 3Com 3c590, 3c595, 3c900, and 3c905 Ethernet interfaces. ex 3Com 3c900, 3c905, and 3c980 Ethernet interfaces. fpa DEC DEFPA FDDI interfaces. fxp Intel EtherExpress PRO 10+/100B Ethernet interfaces. le PCNet-PCI Ethernet interfaces. ne NE2000-compatible Ethernet interfaces. ntwoc SDL Communications N2pci and WAN/ic 400 synchronous serial interfaces. rtk RealTek 8129/8139 based Ethernet interfaces. tl Texas Instruments ThunderLAN-based Ethernet interfaces. Serial interfaces cy Cyclades Cyclom-4Y, -8Y, and -16Y asynchronous serial com- munications device interface. Audio devices auvia VIA VT82C686A integrated AC'97 sound device. clcs Cirrus Logic CS4280 sound device. cmpci C-Media CMI8x38 sound device. eap Ensoniq AudioPCI sound device. esm ESS Maestro-1/2/2e PCI AC'97 Audio Accelerator audio de- vice. eso ESS Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive sound device. fms Forte Media FM801 sound device. sv S3 SonicVibes sound device. yds Yamaha YMF724/740/744/754-based audio device. Miscellaneous devices cac Compaq array controller. cbb PCI Yenta compatible CardBus bridges. ohci USB OHCI host controller pcic PCI PCMCIA controllers, including the Cirrus Logic GD6729. ppb Generic PCI-PCI bridges, including PCI expansion back- planes. puc PCI ``universal'' communications cards, containing com and lpt communications ports. uhci USB UHCI host controller
intro(4), ahc(4), auvia(4), bha(4), bktr(4), cac(4), clcs(4), cmpci(4), cy(4), de(4), dpt(4), eap(4), eso(4), en(4), ep(4), esm(4), eso(4), ex(4), fms(4), fpa(4), fxp(4), isp(4), le(4), ncr(4), ne(4), pcic(4), ppb(4), puc(4), siop(4), sv(4), tl(4), usb(4) yds(4)
The machine-independent PCI subsystem appeared in NetBSD 1.2. NetBSD 1.5.1 March 31, 1997 2
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