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isp - Qlogic based SCSI and FibreChannel SCSI Host Adapters
isp* at pci? dev? function? (PCI) isp* at sbus? slot ? offset ? (SBus) scsibus* at isp?
This driver provides access to SCSI or FibreChannel devices. SCSI features include support for Ultra SCSI and wide mode transactions for SCSI, and LVD (for the ISP1080 and ISP1280), Fibre Channel support uses FCP SCSI profile for FibreChannel. and uti- lizes Class 3 connections only. Support is available for Public and Pri- vate loops. Command tagging is supported for all (in fact, FibreChannel requires tagging).
An optional flags 0x80 appended to the above isp* declarations will dis- able the download of driver f/w, which means you use whatever F/W is run- ning on the card. If no firmware is running on the card, the driver can- not operate the card. An optional flags 0x40 appended to the above isp* declarations (can be OR'd in with the other config flags option) will keep the driver from looking at device or bus NVRAM settings (this is in case NVRAM is just wrong and you have the card in a platform where it is inconvenient to change NVRAM settings on the card).
Supported cards include: ISP1000 SBus Fast Wide, Ultra Fast Wide cards, Single Ended or Dif- ferential cards. PTI SBS440 Perfomance Technology ISP1000 variants. ISP1020 Qlogic 1020 Fast Wide and Differential Fast Wide PCI cards. ISP1040 Qlogic 1040 Ultra Wide and Differential Ultra Wide PCI cards. PTI SBS450 Perfomance Technology ISP1040 variants. Qlogic 1240 Qlogic 1240 Dual Bus Ultra Wide and Differential Ultra Wide PCI cards. Qlogic 1080 Qlogic 1280 LVD Ultra2 Wide PCI cards. Qlogic 1280 Qlogic 1280 Dual Bus LVD Ultra2 Wide PCI cards. Qlogic 2100 Qlogic 2100 and 2100A Copper and Optical Fibre Channel Ar- bitrated Loop Qlogic 2102 Qlogic Dual Loop 2100A Optical Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop PCI cards. Qlogic 2200 Qlogic 2200 Copper and Optical Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop PCI cards. Qlogic 2202 Qlogic 2200 Dual Bus Optical Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop PCI cards. PTI SBS470 Perfomance Technology ISP2100 variants. Antares P-0033 Antares Microsystems ISP2100 variants.
The driver currently ignores some NVRAM settings. The driver currently doesn't do error recovery for timed out commands very gracefully. Fabric (public loop) support isn't very well debugged yet. Sometimes, when booting, the driver gets stuck waiting for the Fibre Channel f/w to tell it that the loop port database is ready. In this case you'll see an announcement that the loop state has a value of 0x1. To un- wedge the system, unplug and replug the fibre channel connection, or oth- erwise cause a LIP (Loop Initialization Primitive sequence)- this will kick the f/w into getting unstuck.
intro(4), cd(4), scsi(4), sd(4), st(4)
The isp driver was written by Matthew Jacob for NASA/Ames Research Cen- ter. NetBSD 1.5.1 March 25, 1999 2
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