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HOSTAPD_CLI(8)          NetBSD System Manager's Manual          HOSTAPD_CLI(8)

hostapd_cli -- text-based frontend program for interacting with hostapd(8)
hostapd_cli [commands]
The hostapd_cli utility is a text-based frontend program for interacting with hostapd(8). It is used to query the current status. The hostapd_cli utility can show the current authentication status, dot11 and dot1x MIBs, etc. The hostapd_cli utility supports two modes: interactive and command line. Both modes share the same command set. Interactive mode is started when hostapd_cli is executed without any parameters on the command line. Commands are then entered from the con- trolling terminal in response to the hostapd_cli prompt. In command line mode, the same commands are entered as command line arguments.
The following commands may be supplied on the command line or at a prompt when operating interactively. mib Report MIB variables (dot1x, dot11) for the current interface. sta addr Report the MIB variables for the associated station with MAC address addr. all_sta Report the MIB variables for all associated stations. help Show usage help. interface [ifname] Show available interfaces and/or set the current interface when multiple are available. level debug_level Change the debugging level in hostapd(8). Larger numbers gener- ate more messages. license Display the full license for hostapd_cli. quit Exit hostapd_cli.
hostapd.conf(5), hostapd(8)
The hostapd_cli utility first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.
The hostapd_cli utility was written by Jouni Malinen <>. This manual page is derived from the README file included in the hostapd distribution. NetBSD 9.2 June 16, 2005 NetBSD 9.2
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