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hostapd.conf -- configuration file for hostapd(8) utility
The hostapd.conf utility is an authenticator for IEEE 802.11 networks. It provides full support for WPA/IEEE 802.11i and can also act as an IEEE 802.1X Authenticator with a suitable backend Authentication Server (typi- cally FreeRADIUS). The configuration file consists of global parameters and domain specific configuration: IEEE 802.1X-2004 RADIUS client RADIUS authentication server WPA/IEEE 802.11i
The following parameters are recognized: interface Interface name. Should be set in ``hostap'' mode. debug Debugging mode: 0 = no, 1 = minimal, 2 = verbose, 3 = msg dumps, 4 = excessive. dump_file Dump file for state information (on SIGUSR1). ctrl_interface The pathname of the directory in which hostapd(8) creates UNIX domain socket files for communication with frontend programs such as hostapd_cli(8). ctrl_interface_group A group name or group ID to use in setting protection on the con- trol interface file. This can be set to allow non-root users to access the control interface files. If no group is specified, the group ID of the control interface is not modified and will, typically, be the group ID of the directory in which the socket is created. IEEE 802.1X-2004 PARAMETERS The following parameters are recognized: ieee8021x Require IEEE 802.1X authorization. eap_message Optional displayable message sent with EAP Request-Identity. wep_key_len_broadcast Key lengths for broadcast keys. wep_key_len_unicast Key lengths for unicast keys. wep_rekey_period Rekeying period in seconds. eapol_key_index_workaround EAPOL-Key index workaround (set bit7) for WinXP Supplicant. eap_reauth_period EAP reauthentication period in seconds. To disable reauthentica- tion, use ``0''.
The following parameters are recognized: own_ip_addr The own IP address of the access point (used as NAS-IP-Address). nas_identifier Optional NAS-Identifier string for RADIUS messages. auth_server_addr, auth_server_port, auth_server_shared_secret RADIUS authentication server parameters. Can be defined twice for secondary servers to be used if primary one does not reply to RADIUS packets. acct_server_addr, acct_server_port, acct_server_shared_secret RADIUS accounting server parameters. Can be defined twice for secondary servers to be used if primary one does not reply to RADIUS packets. radius_retry_primary_interval Retry interval for trying to return to the primary RADIUS server (in seconds). radius_acct_interim_interval Interim accounting update interval. If this is set (larger than 0) and acct_server is configured, hostapd(8) will send interim accounting updates every N seconds.
The following parameters are recognized: radius_server_clients File name of the RADIUS clients configuration for the RADIUS server. If this is commented out, RADIUS server is disabled. radius_server_auth_port The UDP port number for the RADIUS authentication server. radius_server_ipv6 Use IPv6 with RADIUS server. WPA/IEEE 802.11i PARAMETERS The following parameters are recognized: wpa Enable WPA. Setting this variable configures the AP to require WPA (either WPA-PSK or WPA-RADIUS/EAP based on other configura- tion). wpa_psk, wpa_passphrase WPA pre-shared keys for WPA-PSK. This can be either entered as a 256-bit secret in hex format (64 hex digits), wpa_psk, or as an ASCII passphrase (8..63 characters) that will be converted to PSK. This conversion uses SSID so the PSK changes when ASCII passphrase is used and the SSID is changed. wpa_psk_file Optionally, WPA PSKs can be read from a separate text file (con- taining a list of (PSK,MAC address) pairs. wpa_key_mgmt Set of accepted key management algorithms (WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP, or both). wpa_pairwise Set of accepted cipher suites (encryption algorithms) for pair- wise keys (unicast packets). See the example file for more information. wpa_group_rekey Time interval for rekeying GTK (broadcast/multicast encryption keys) in seconds. wpa_strict_rekey Rekey GTK when any STA that possesses the current GTK is leaving the BSS. wpa_gmk_rekey Time interval for rekeying GMK (master key used internally to generate GTKs (in seconds).
hostapd(8), hostapd_cli(8), /usr/share/examples/hostapd/hostapd.conf
The hostapd.conf manual page and hostapd(8) functionality first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.
This manual page is derived from the README and hostapd.conf files in the hostapd distribution provided by Jouni Malinen <>. NetBSD 9.2 August 4, 2006 NetBSD 9.2
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