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WSBELL(9)              NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual              WSBELL(9)

wsbell, wsbelldevprint -- wscons system bell support
#include <dev/wscons/wsconsio.h> #include <dev/wscons/wsbellvar.h> int wsbelldevprint(void *aux, const char *pnp);
The wsbell module is a component of the wscons(9) framework, providing keyboard-independent bell support. All of the support is provided by the wsbell(4) device driver, which must be a child of the hardware device driver. The only hardware device drivers that can provide a wsbell facility are speaker(4) devices.
Speaker drivers providing support for wscons bell devices will make use of the following data types: struct wsbelldev_attach_args A structure used to attach the wsbell(4) child device. It has the following members: void *accesscookie;
wsbelldevprint(aux, pnp) The default wsbell printing routine used by config_found(). (see autoconf(9)).
Speaker drivers which want to use the wsbell module must be a parent to the wsbell(4) device and provide an attachment interface. To attach the wsbell(4) device, the speaker driver must allocate and populate a wsbelldev_attach_args structure with a pointer to the parent's device structure as an access cookie and call config_found() to perform the attach (see autoconf(9)).
When a bell event is received on a wsdisplay(4) device the system bell is sounded.
The wscons subsystem is implemented within the directory sys/dev/wscons. The wsbell module itself is implement within the file sys/dev/wscons/wsbell.c. ioctl(2) operations are listed in sys/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h.
ioctl(2), wsbell(4), wscons(4), wskbd(4), autoconf(9), driver(9), intro(9), wscons(9), wsdisplay(9), wskbd(9) NetBSD 10.99 June 30, 2017 NetBSD 10.99
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