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UPDATE_PANELS(3)        NetBSD Library Functions Manual       UPDATE_PANELS(3)

update_panels -- update terminal display
Z-order for curses windows (libpanel, -lpanel)
#include <panel.h> void update_panels(void);
The update_panels() function performs the internal processing required by the panel library to determine what changes need to be made to synchro- nise the curses internal screen buffer and the terminal but does not mod- ify the terminal display. This function will internally perform the required calls to touchoverlap(3) and wnoutrefresh(3) in the correct order. You should never directly call curses functions like wnoutrefresh(3) on panel win- dows yourself. Remember, that stdscr is below all panels and any changes to it also require calling update_panels(). Finally, call the curses function doupdate(3) to update the terminal dis- play.
doupdate(3), panel(3) NetBSD 10.99 October 28, 2015 NetBSD 10.99
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