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PUFFS_CC(3)             NetBSD Library Functions Manual            PUFFS_CC(3)

puffs_cc -- puffs continuation routines
puffs Convenience Library (libpuffs, -lpuffs)
#include <puffs.h> void puffs_cc_yield(struct puffs_cc *pcc); void puffs_cc_continue(struct puffs_cc *pcc); void puffs_cc_schedule(struct puffs_cc *pcc); struct puffs_cc * puffs_cc_getcc(struct puffs_usermount *pu);
These routines are used for the cooperative multitasking suite present in puffs. puffs_cc_yield(pcc) Suspend and save the current execution context and return control to the previous point. In practice, from the file system author perspective, control returns back to where either the mainloop or where puffs_dispatch_exec() was called from. puffs_cc_continue(pcc) Will suspend current execution and return control to where it was before before calling puffs_cc_yield(). This is rarely called directly but rather through puffs_dispatch_exec(). puffs_cc_schedule(pcc) Schedule a continuation. As opposed to puffs_cc_continue() this call returns immediately. pcc will be scheduled sometime in the future. puffs_cc_getcc(pu) Returns the current pcc or NULL if this is the main thread. NOTE: The argument pu will most likely disappear at some point. Before calling puffs_cc_yield() a file system will typically want to record some cookie value into its own internal bookkeeping. This cookie should be hooked to the pcc so that the correct continuation can be con- tinued when the event it was waiting for triggers. Alternatively, the puffs_framebuf(3) framework and puffs_mainloop() can be used for handling this automatically.
puffs(3), puffs_framebuf(3) NetBSD 10.99 January 28, 2008 NetBSD 10.99
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