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PIIXPM(4)               NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              PIIXPM(4)

piixpm -- Intel PIIX and compatible Power Management controller
piixpm* at pci? dev ? function ? iic* at piixpm?
The piixpm driver provides support for the Intel PIIX and compatible Power Management controller. Only the SMBus host interface is supported and can be used with the iic(4) framework. Supported chipsets: ATI SB200, SB300, SB400, SB600, SB700, SB800 Intel 82371AB (PIIX4), 82440MX Serverworks OSB4, OSB5, OSB6, HT1000SB AMD FCHs (HUDSON, BOLTON and KERNCZ)
iic(4), intro(4), pci(4)
The piixpm driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.9 and then in NetBSD 4.0.
The current piixpm driver was written by Alexander Yurchenko <grange@openbsd.org>. It was ported to NetBSD by Jared D. McNeill <jmcneill@netbsd.org>.
The driver doesn't support I2C commands with a data buffer size of more than 2 bytes. NetBSD 10.99 January 14, 2020 NetBSD 10.99
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