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MLD6QUERY(8)            NetBSD System Manager's Manual            MLD6QUERY(8)

mld6query -- send multicast listener query
mld6query [-dr] intface [maddr]
mld6query sends an IPv6 multicast listener discovery (MLD) query packet toward the specified multicast address, maddr, toward interface intface. If you omit maddr, linklocal all nodes multicast address(ff02::1) is used. After sending a query, mld6query waits for replies for at most 10 sec- onds. If a reply is returned, mld6query prints it with its type and then waits for another reply. This program is provided only for debugging. It is not necessary for normal use. With -d, mld6query will transmit MLD done packet instead of MLD query packet. With -r, similarly, MLD report packet will be transmitted. -dr options are for debugging purposes only.
The mld6query utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
The mld6query command first appeared in WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack kit.
mld6query does not take care of multicast addresses which have non link- local scope. NetBSD 10.99 May 17, 1998 NetBSD 10.99
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