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ldpd.conf -- ldpd configuration file
The ldpd.conf file defines the ldpd(8) initial setup and may contain information about LDP identificator, network, neighbour and interface parameters. Blank lines are allowed and comments lines should start with `#'. Non block lines should end with a semicolon.
/etc/ldpd.conf The file ldpd.conf resides in /etc.
The following options are accepted: command-port Control and command TCP port (default: 2626) hello-time Interval in seconds on which hellos are sent out on interfaces (default: 6s) interface Interface block commands (see below) keepalive-time Keepalive interval in seconds for established peers (default: 4s) ldp-id Force using a certain LDP Identificator (default autogen- erated, highest INET4 address set on an interface exclud- ing 127/8 range) min-label Minimum number used for generated labels (default: 16) max-label Maximum number used for generated labels (default: 1048576) neighbour Neighbour block subcommands (see below) no-default-route If set to 0 ldpd(8) will try to tag also the default route (default: 1) Interface block supports the following parameters passive Don't send hellos on interface transport-address Transport INET4 address advertised in hellos sent on the mentioned interface Neighbour block supports the following parameters authenticate Authenticate peer using TCP MD5 signature - needs options TCP_SIGNATURE. Default: off
The following is an example /etc/ldpd.conf file: # Transport address needs to be an alias for this interface interface re0 { transport-address } # Don't send hellos on en0 interface en0 { passive } # Force a certain LDP ID ldp-id; # Tag also the default route no-default-route 0; neighbour { # TCP MD5 authentication - requires options TCP_SIGNATURE authenticate }
mpls(4), ldpd(8)
Support for ldpd.conf first appeared in NetBSD 6.0. NetBSD 10.99 October 18, 2013 NetBSD 10.99
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