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ldd -- list dynamic object dependencies
ldd [-ov] [-f format] program ...
ldd displays all shared objects that are needed to run the given program. Contrary to nm(1), the list includes ``indirect'' dependencies that are the result of needed shared objects which themselves depend on yet other shared objects. Zero, one or two -f options may be given. The argument is a format string passed to rtld(1) and allows customization of ldd's output. The first format argument is used for library objects and defaults to "\t-l%o.%m => %p\n". The second format argument is used for non-library objects and defaults to "\t%o => %p\n". These arguments are interpreted as format strings a la printf(3) to cus- tomize the trace output and allow ldd to be operated as a filter more conveniently. The following conversions can be used: %a The main program's name (also known as ``__progname''). %A The value of the environment variable LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS_PROGNAME in a.out and the program name from the argument vector from elf. %o The library name. %m The library's major version number. %n The library's minor version number (a.out only, ignored in elf). %p The full pathname as determined by rtld's library search rules. %x The library's load address Additionally, \n and \t are recognized and have their usual meaning. The -o option is an alias for -f %a:-l%o.%m => %p\n, which makes ldd behave analogously to nm -o. The -v option turns on verbose mode.
The ldd utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
ld(1), ld.elf_so(1), nm(1), rtld(1)
A ldd utility first appeared in SunOS 4.0, it appeared in its current form in NetBSD 0.9A. NetBSD 10.99 October 15, 2022 NetBSD 10.99
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