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IGMAFB(4)               NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              IGMAFB(4)

igmafb -- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator framebuffer driver
options VGA_RASTERCONSOLE no options VGA_POST no agp no device at drm no genfb igma0 at pci0 dev ? function ? igmafb* at igma0 iic* at igma0
The igmafb driver provides support for integrated graphics functions in Intel chipsets and provides an interface for the machine independent wscons(4) driver. Currently igmafb configures the display for the integrated panel in note- books and can control the backlight. Automatic detection of the main display on desktop machines may or may not work. Supported hardware includes: GMA 900 (915G) GMA 950 (945G) GMA 3000 (Q965) GMA X3000 (G965) GMA X3500 (G35) GMA X4500 (G45) HD (Westmere) HD2000/3000 (Sandy Bridge) HD2500/4000 (Ivy Bridge)
genfb(4), wsdisplay(4)
The igmafb driver was written by Michael van Elst.
The driver conflicts with genfb(4), agp(4), and thus with drm(4). Sup- port for a hardware cursor is missing. NetBSD 10.99 January 21, 2014 NetBSD 10.99
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