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VATTR(9)               NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual               VATTR(9)

vattr, vattr_null -- vnode attributes
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/vnode.h> void vattr_null(struct vattr *vap);
Vnode attributes describe attributes of a file or directory including file permissions, owner, group, size, access time and modification time. A vnode attribute has the following structure: struct vattr { enum vtype va_type; /* vnode type (for create) */ mode_t va_mode; /* files access mode and type */ nlink_t va_nlink; /* number of references to file */ uid_t va_uid; /* owner user id */ gid_t va_gid; /* owner group id */ dev_t va_fsid; /* file system id (dev for now) */ ino_t va_fileid; /* file id */ u_quad_t va_size; /* file size in bytes */ long va_blocksize; /* blocksize preferred for i/o */ struct timespec va_atime; /* time of last access */ struct timespec va_mtime; /* time of last modification */ struct timespec va_ctime; /* time file changed */ struct timespec va_birthtime; /* time file created */ u_long va_gen; /* generation number of file */ u_long va_flags; /* flags defined for file */ dev_t va_rdev; /* device the special file represents */ u_quad_t va_bytes; /* bytes of disk space held by file */ u_quad_t va_filerev; /* file modification number */ u_int va_vaflags; /* operations flags, see below */ long va_spare; /* remain quad aligned */ }; A field value of VNOVAL represents a field whose value is unavailable or which is not to be changed. Valid flag values for va_flags are: VA_UTIMES_NULL utimes argument was NULL VA_EXCLUSIVE exclusive create request Vnode attributes for a file are set by the vnode operation VOP_SETATTR(9). Vnode attributes for a file are retrieved by the vnode operation VOP_GETATTR(9). For more information on vnode operations see vnodeops(9).
vattr_null(vap) Set vnode attributes in vap to VNOVAL.
vattr_null() is implemented in sys/kern/vfs_subr.c.
intro(9), vfs(9), vnode(9), vnodeops(9) NetBSD 10.99 January 8, 2010 NetBSD 10.99
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