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TSIG-KEYGEN(8)                      BIND 9                      TSIG-KEYGEN(8)

tsig-keygen - TSIG key generation tool
tsig-keygen [-a algorithm] [-h] [name]
tsig-keygen is an utility that generates keys for use in TSIG signing. The resulting keys can be used, for example, to secure dynamic DNS updates to a zone, or for the rndc command channel. A domain name can be specified on the command line to be used as the name of the generated key. If no name is specified, the default is tsig-key.
-a algorithm This option specifies the algorithm to use for the TSIG key. Available choices are: hmac-md5, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha224, hmac-sha256, hmac-sha384, and hmac-sha512. The default is hmac-sha256. Options are case-insensitive, and the "hmac-" pre- fix may be omitted. -h This option prints a short summary of options and arguments.
nsupdate(1), named.conf(5), named(8), BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.
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