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CSF -- The NetBSD common scheduler framework
#include <sys/sched.h> void sched_rqinit(void); void sched_setup(void); void sched_cpuattach(struct cpu_info *); void sched_tick(struct cpu_info *); void sched_schedclock(lwp_t *); bool sched_curcpu_runnable_p(void); lwp_t * sched_nextlwp(void); void sched_enqueue(lwp_t *, bool); void sched_dequeue(lwp_t *); void sched_nice(struct proc *, int); void sched_proc_fork(struct proc *, struct proc *); void sched_proc_exit(struct proc *, struct proc *); void sched_lwp_fork(lwp_t *); void sched_lwp_exit(lwp_t *); void sched_setrunnable(lwp_t *); void sched_print_runqueue(void (*pr)(const char *, ...)); void sched_pstats_hook(struct proc *, int); void sched_pstats(void *arg); pri_t sched_kpri(lwp_t *); void resched_cpu(lwp_t *); void setrunnable(); void schedclock(lwp_t *); void sched_init(void);
CSF provides a modular and self-contained interface for implementing dif- ferent thread scheduling algorithms. The different schedulers can be selected at compile-time. Currently, the schedulers available are sched_4bsd(9), the traditional 4.4BSD thread scheduler, and sched_m2(9) which implements a SVR4/Solaris like approach. The interface is divided into two parts: A set of functions each sched- uler needs to implement and common functions used by all schedulers. Scheduler-specific functions The following functions have to be implemented by the individual sched- uler. Scheduler initialization void sched_cpuattach(struct cpu_info *) Per-CPU scheduler initialization routine. void sched_rqinit(void) Initialize the scheduler's runqueue data structures. void sched_setup(void) Setup initial scheduling parameters and kick off timeout driven events. Runqueue handling Runqueue handling is completely internal to the scheduler. Other parts of the kernel should access runqueues only through the following func- tions: void sched_enqueue(lwp_t *, bool) Place an LWP within the scheduler's runqueue structures. void sched_dequeue(lwp_t *) Remove an LWP from the scheduler's runqueue structures. lwp_t * sched_nextlwp(void) Return the LWP that should run the CPU next. bool sched_curcpu_runnable_p(void) Indicate if there is a runnable LWP for the current CPU. void sched_print_runqueue(void (*pr)(const char *, ...)) Print runqueues in DDB. Core scheduler functions void sched_tick(struct cpu_info *) Periodically called from hardclock(9). Determines if a resched- ule is necessary, if the running LWP has used up its quantum. void sched_schedclock(lwp_t *) Periodically called from schedclock() in order to handle prior- ity adjustment. Priority adjustment void sched_nice(struct proc *, int) Recalculate the process priority according to its nice value. General helper functions void sched_proc_fork(struct proc *, struct proc *) Inherit the scheduling history of the parent process after fork(). void sched_proc_exit(struct proc *, struct proc *) Charge back a processes parent for its resource usage. void sched_lwp_fork(lwp_t *) LWP-specific version of the above void sched_lwp_exit(lwp_t *) LWP-specific version of the above void sched_setrunnable(lwp_t *) Scheduler-specific actions for setrunnable(). void sched_pstats_hook(struct proc *, int) Scheduler-specific actions for sched_pstats(). Common scheduler functions pri_t sched_kpri(lwp_t *) Scale a priority level to a kernel priority level, usually for an LWP that is about to sleep. void sched_pstats(void *) Update process statistics and check CPU resource allocation. inline void resched_cpu(lwp_t *) Arrange for a reschedule. void setrunnable(lwp_t *) Change process state to be runnable, placing it on a runqueue if it is in memory, awakening the swapper otherwise. void schedclock(lwp_t *) Scheduler clock. Periodically called from statclock(). void sched_init(void) Initialize callout for sched_pstats() and call sched_setup() to initialize any other scheduler-specific data.
The CSF programming interface is defined within the file sys/sys/sched.h. Functions common to all scheduler implementations are in sys/kern/kern_synch.c. The traditional 4.4BSD scheduler is implemented in sys/kern/sched_4bsd.c. The M2 scheduler is implemented in sys/kern/sched_m2.c.
mi_switch(9), preempt(9), sched_4bsd(9), sched_m2(9)
The CSF appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
The CSF was written by Daniel Sieger <dsieger@NetBSD.org>. NetBSD 10.99 October 27, 2014 NetBSD 10.99
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