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AUTOCONF(4)          NetBSD/hp300 Kernel Interfaces Manual         AUTOCONF(4)

autoconf -- diagnostics from the autoconfiguration code
When NetBSD bootstraps it probes the innards of the machine on which it is running and locates controllers, drives, and other devices, printing out what it finds on the console. This procedure is driven by a system configuration table which is processed by config(1) and compiled into each kernel. Autoconfiguration on the HP300s is similar to that on the VAX, the pri- mary difference is in the naming conventions. On the HP300, if devices exist which are not configured they will be ignored; if devices exist of unsupported type they will be ignored. Normally, the system uses the disk from which it was loaded as the root filesystem. If that is not possible, a generic system will use `rd0' if it exists. If such a system is booted with the RB_ASKNAME option (see reboot(2)), then the name of the root device is read from the console terminal at boot time, and any available device may be used.
SPU type not configured You tried to boot NetBSD on an SPU type which it doesn't (or at least this compiled version of NetBSD doesn't) understand. nhpib%d at intio0 addr 0x478000 ipl %d nhpib%d at dio0 scode %d ipl %d fhpib%d at dio0 scode %d ipl %d hpibbus%d at nhpib%d hpibbus%d at fhpib%d An HP-IB was found at the internal bus or scode %d (the select code) with ipl %d (interrupt priority level). NetBSD will call it hpibbus%d. %s%d at hpibbus%d slave %d punit %d %s%d: %s An HP-IB disk or tape controller was found. For disks `%s%d' will look like `rd0', for tapes like `ct0'. The `%s' in the first line will be a product type like ``7945A'' or ``9144''. The slave number comes from the address select switches on the drive. dvbox0 at intio0 addr 0x560000 dvbox%d at dio0 scode %d gbox0 at intio0 addr 0x560000 gbox%d at dio0 scode %d hyper%d at dio0 scode %d rbox0 at intio0 addr 0x560000 rbox%d at dio0 scode %d topcat0 at intio0 addr 0x560000 topcat%d at dio0 scode %d tvrx%d at dio0 scode %d gendiofb%d at dio0 scode %d sti%d at sgc0 slot %d A bit mapped display was found either at the ``internal'' address, at some ``external'' select code, or at some SGC bus slot. If it exists, the internal display will always be unit 0. %s%d at dio0 scode %d ipl %d Another peripheral controller was found at the indicated select code and with indicated interrupt priority level. `%s' will be one of com(4) (single-port serial interfaces), hp300/dcm(4) (four-port serial interfaces), or le(4) (LAN cards). The slave number comes from the address select switches on the interface card.
config(1), hp300/intro(4), boot(8) 4.3BSD for the HP300, in the distribution documentation package. NetBSD 10.99 June 17, 2022 NetBSD 10.99
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