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PANEL_HIDDEN(3)         NetBSD Library Functions Manual        PANEL_HIDDEN(3)

hide_panel, show_panel, panel_hidden -- visibility of panels
Z-order for curses windows (libpanel, -lpanel)
#include <panel.h> int hide_panel(PANEL *p); int show_panel(PANEL *p); int panel_hidden(PANEL *p);
Panels are initially created visible. The function hide_panel() can be used to hide a panel. The panel is removed from the deck. A panel can be made visible again with a call to show_panel(). The panel is returned to the top of the deck. The current visibility status of a panel can be queried with panel_hidden().
The show_panel() function will return an error if the panel is already visible. Use top_panel(3) to change z-order of an already visible panel. This is the behaviour specified by the original AT&T System V UNIX panel library. In the ncurses implementation of the panel library show_panel() and top_panel() are identical and handle both visible and hidden panels. This may be a source of bugs in programs tested only against ncurses.
The panel_hidden() function returns TRUE or FALSE. It will return ERR if passed a null pointer. Other functions will return one of the following values: OK The function completed successfully. ERR An error occurred in the function.
panel(3) NetBSD 10.99 October 28, 2015 NetBSD 10.99
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