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GETENCSTAT(8)           NetBSD System Manager's Manual           GETENCSTAT(8)

getencstat -- get SCSI Environmental Services Device enclosure status
getencstat [-v] device [device ...]
getencstat gets summary and detailed SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF- TE) device enclosure status. The overall status is printed out. If the overall status is considered okay, nothing else is printed out (unless the -v option is used). A SCSI Environmental Services device enclosure may be either in the state of being OK, or in one or more of the states of INFORMATIONAL, NON-CRITICAL, CRITICAL, or UNRECOVERABLE states. These overall states reflect a summary of the states of each object within such a device (such as power supplies or disk drives). With the -v option, the status of all objects within the device is printed, whether OK or not. Along with the status of each object is the object identifier. The user may then use setencstat(8) to try and clear overall device sta- tus, or may use setobjstat(8) to set specific object status.
/dev/sesN SCSI Environmental Services Devices
ses(4), sesd(8), setencstat(8), setobjstat(8) NetBSD 10.99 February 21, 2000 NetBSD 10.99
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