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FLASH(9)               NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual               FLASH(9)

flash -- subsystem for flash-like memory devices
#include <dev/flash/flash.h> device_t flash_attach_mi(const struct flash_interface *fl, device_t dev);
Flash-like devices can register themselves to the flash layer with the flash_hw_if structure. This structure has function pointers and other fields. The attachment can be done by calling flash_attach_mi() with this struc- ture and the device's device_t as an argument. Return value is the flash layer device. The flash_interface structure is shown below. struct flash_interface { int (*erase) (device_t, struct flash_erase_instruction *); int (*read) (device_t, off_t, size_t, size_t *, uint8_t *); int (*write) (device_t, off_t, size_t, size_t *, const uint8_t *); int (*block_markbad)(device_t, uint64_t); int (*block_isbad)(device_t, uint64_t); int (*sync) (device_t); int (*submit)(device_t, struct buf *); /* storage for partition info */ struct flash_partition partition; /* total size of mtd */ flash_addr_t size; uint32_t page_size; uint32_t erasesize; uint32_t writesize; uint32_t minor; uint8_t type; };
flash(4), nand(9)
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