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wsmoused.conf -- multipurpose mouse daemon configuration
The wsmoused.conf file configures all the features provided by the wsmoused(8) daemon. It is composed by a series of blocks, each of which defines a group of properties. The file format is free-form: new line markers are ignored as well as indentation. Comments start with the `#' sign and extend until the end of line. A property is like a variable assignment. It has a name, which goes to the left of the equal sign, and a value, which goes to the right. The assignment ends with a semicolon. It looks like: name = value; There is no difference between string or integer values when defining them. The value must be surrounded by double quotes if it contains whitespace. Booleans are specified as integers, where `0' means false and `1' stands for true. Even though, the program cares about this and will emit a warning if you have done an incorrect assignment. Note that it will not accept unrecognized names. A mode is a type of block that defines how the program behaves when run in a specific mode. A mode inherits properties defined in the global scope. It has the following syntax: mode mode_name { property1 = value1; ... propertyN = valueN; } There are two recognized modes, `action' and `selection'. wsmoused(8) describes what they do in detail. Properties common to all modes The following properties can be defined in the global scope, thus affect- ing all modes, or inside the mode definition, to override global values. device = pathname; The wsmouse(4) device name to use. Defaults to /dev/wsmouse. fifo = pathname; Specify an optional fifo where to redirect all mouse events, no matter if they have been processed. By default, no fifo is used. modes = string; Whitespace separated list of modes to be activated when running. Defaults to `selection'. nodaemon = boolean; Set to 1 to not fork in the background. pidfile = basename; The basename of the pidfile used to control the process. Pid- files are always created under /var/run, and have the `.pid' extension automatically added. By default it is set to daemon's program name. ttystat = pathname; wsdisplay(4)'s notification device. Defaults to /dev/ttyEstat. You will not want to change this. xconsole = integer; Virtual console number which holds the X server (if any). The argument specifies the console number (the same found in /dev/ttyE?). Unset by default. xconsole_delay = integer; Number of seconds to wait before reactivating the mouse when returning from the X console (specified by the `xconsole' prop- erty). Defaults to 5. Properties specific to the action mode The following properties are only useful when running in the action mode: button_<number>_<status> = command; Assigns a command to a button, which will be executed using the system(3) call. The `number' part selects a button to which the command is assigned; the first button is numbered `0' and the maximum depends on the mouse type. The `status' part can be either `down' or `up', representing the events emitted when the button is pressed and released, respectively. Properties specific to the selection mode The following properties are only useful when running in the selection mode: lefthanded = boolean; Set to 1 to swap mouse buttons, specially useful for left handed users. slowdown_x = integer; X axis slowdown. This positive integer specifies how many events in the vertical direction should be ignored before changing the current column. It defaults to 0. slowdown_y = integer; Y axis slowdown. This positive integer specifies how many events in the horizontal direction should be ignored before changing the current row. It defaults to 3.
/etc/wsmoused.conf Default configuration file. /usr/share/examples/wsmoused/ Location of sample files.
system(3), wsdisplay(4), wsmouse(4), wsmoused(8)
The wsmoused.conf configuration file first appeared in NetBSD 2.0. NetBSD 10.99 January 5, 2004 NetBSD 10.99
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