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Z3RAMBD(4)           NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual          Z3RAMBD(4)

z3rambd -- Zorro III RAM block device driver
z3rambd* at zbus0 altmem* at z3rambd?
The z3rambd driver provides support using Zorro III RAM boards as block devices (e.g. for swap).
The z3rambd driver supports the following hardware: AmigaKit ZorRAM DKB 3128 FastLane Z3 Individual Computers BigRamPlus
altmem(4), boot(8)
The z3rambd device first appeared in NetBSD 7.0.
The z3rambd driver was written by Radoslaw Kujawa <radoslaw.kujawa@gmail.com>.
Currently it is up to the user to ensure that given memory board is not used by the kernel as normal RAM. It is usually safe to pass the -n0 and -p parameters to boot loader. If the kernel is compiled without the z3rambd driver, it is possible to use Zorro III memory boards as normal RAM in some configurations. How- ever, this might have severe performance consequences. It is advised to use Zorro III memory boards as swap where possible. NetBSD 10.99 November 26, 2012 NetBSD 10.99
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