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_LWP_WAIT(2)              NetBSD System Calls Manual              _LWP_WAIT(2)

_lwp_wait -- wait for light-weight process termination
Standard C Library (libc, -lc)
#include <lwp.h> int _lwp_wait(lwpid_t wlwp, lwpid_t *rlwp);
_lwp_wait() suspends execution of the calling LWP until the LWP specified by wlwp terminates. The specified LWP must not be detached. If wlwp is 0, then _lwp_wait() waits for any undetached LWP in the current process. If rlwp is not NULL, then it points to the location where the LWP ID of the exited LWP is stored.
Upon successful completion, _lwp_wait() returns a value of 0. Otherwise, an error code is returned to indicate the error.
_lwp_wait() will fail if: [ESRCH] No LWP can be found in the current process corresponding to that specified by wlwp. [EDEADLK] The calling LWP is the only LWP in the process. [EDEADLK] The LWP ID specified by wlwp is the LWP ID of the calling LWP. [EINVAL] The LWP specified by wlwp is detached. [EINTR] _lwp_wait() was interrupted by a caught signal, or the signal did not have the SA_RESTART flag set.
_lwp_create(2), _lwp_exit(2)
The _lwp_wait() system call first appeared in NetBSD 2.0. NetBSD 9.99 February 23, 2020 NetBSD 9.99
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