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_LWP_UNPARK_ALL(2)        NetBSD System Calls Manual        _LWP_UNPARK_ALL(2)

_lwp_unpark_all -- resume execution of a waiting LWP
Standard C Library (libc, -lc)
#include <lwp.h> ssize_t _lwp_unpark_all(const lwpid_t *targets, size_t ntargets, const void *hint);
_lwp_unpark_all() resumes execution of one or more light-weight processes listed in the array pointed to by targets. The target LWPs are assumed to be waiting in the kernel as a result of calls to _lwp_park(). If any of the target LWPs are not currently wait- ing, those LWPs will return immediately upon the next call to _lwp_park(). The value pointed to by ntargets specifies the size of the array pointed to by targets. If the targets argument is given as NULL, the maximum size of the array (expressed as the number of entries) is returned. See _lwp_park(2) for a description of the hint argument.
If the maximum size of the targets array is not being queried, a return of 0 indicates that the call succeeded. A -1 return value indicates an error occurred and errno is set to indicate the reason.
[EFAULT] The value specified for targets is invalid. [EINVAL] The value specified for ntargets is out of range. [ENOMEM] Insufficient resources are available to complete the operation.
_lwp_park(2), _lwp_unpark(2), _lwp_wakeup(2)
The _lwp_unpark_all() system call first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. NetBSD 9.99 February 10, 2007 NetBSD 9.99
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