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MS(4)                NetBSD/sun3 Kernel Interfaces Manual                MS(4)

ms -- Sun workstation mouse driver
pseudo-device mouse
The ms driver provides an interface to the workstation console mouse. This Mouse Systems three-button device produces five-byte blobs of the form: b dx dy dx dy where ``b'' is the button state, encoded as 0x80|(~buttons) -- there are three buttons (4=left, 2=middle, 1=right) -- and ``dx'' and ``dy'' are X and Y delta values, none of which are in the range [0x80..0x87]. The device special file /dev/mouse is used to get direct access to the mouse input stream. The following ioctl's are supported (mostly just enough to keep the X server going): VUIDSFORMAT Set translation mode. The argument is of type int *, the only value supported is VUID_FIRM_EVENT. VUIDGFORMAT Get translation mode. The argument is of type int *. VUID_FIRM_EVENT is always returned. OPTIONS The mouse driver can be configured using the following kernel configura- tion file options. options SUN_MS_BPS=integer This option causes the kernel to communicate with the mouse using the serial baud rate integer. It is useful for mice which do not communicate at 1200 baud.
ms is hardwired to the built-in zs1 serial port. NetBSD 9.3 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.3
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