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REFUSE(3)               NetBSD Library Functions Manual              REFUSE(3)

refuse -- Re-implementation of a file system in userspace system
File System in Userspace Convenience Library (librefuse, -lrefuse)
#include <fuse.h> int fuse_main(int argc, char **argv, const struct fuse_operations *); struct fuse_args FUSE_ARGS_INIT(int argc, char **argv); struct fuse_opt FUSE_OPT_KEY(const char* templ, int32_t key); struct fuse_opt FUSE_OPT_END; int32_t FUSE_OPT_KEY_OPT; int32_t FUSE_OPT_KEY_NONOPT; int32_t FUSE_OPT_KEY_KEEP; int32_t FUSE_OPT_KEY_DISCARD; int fuse_opt_add_arg(struct fuse_args *args, const char *arg); int fuse_opt_add_opt(char **opts, const char *opt); int fuse_opt_add_opt_escaped(char **opts, const char *opt); void fuse_opt_free_args(struct fuse_args *args); int fuse_opt_insert_arg(struct fuse_args *args, int pos, const char *arg); int fuse_opt_match(const struct fuse_opt *opts, const char *opt); int fuse_opt_parse(struct fuse_args *args, void *userdata, const struct fuse_opt *descriptions, fuse_opt_proc_t processingfunc); int fuse_new(struct fuse_args *args, const struct fuse_operations *ops, size_t opssize, void *userdata); int fuse_mount(struct fuse *fuse, const char *mountpoint); int fuse_unmount(struct fuse* fuse); int fuse_daemonize(struct fuse *fuse); int fuse_version(struct fuse *fuse); int puffs_fuse_node_getattr(const char *path, struct stat *attrs); int puffs_fuse_node_readlink(const char *path, char *output, size_t outlen); int puffs_fuse_node_mknod(const char *path, mode_t permissions, dev_t devicenumber); int puffs_fuse_node_mkdir(const char *path, mode_t permissions); int puffs_fuse_unlink(const char *path); int puffs_fuse_node_rmdir(const char *path); int puffs_fuse_node_symlink(const char *path, const char *target); int puffs_fuse_node_rename(const char *from, const char *to); int puffs_fuse_node_link(const char *from, const char *to); int puffs_fuse_node_chmod(const char *path, mode_t permissions); int puffs_fuse_node_own(const char *path, uid_t owner, gid_t group); int puffs_fuse_node_truncate(const char *path, off_t newsize); int puffs_fuse_node_utime(const char *path, struct utimbuf *newtimes); int puffs_fuse_node_open(const char *path, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_read(const char *path, char *buffer, size_t bufferlen, off_t startoffset, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_write(const char *path, char *buffer, size_t bufferlen, off_t startoffset, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_fs_statfs(const char *path, struct statvfs *vfsinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_flush(const char *path, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_fsync(const char *path, int flags, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_setxattr(const char *path, const char *attrname, const char *attrvalue, size_t attrsize, int flags); int puffs_fuse_node_getxattr(const char *path, const char *attrname, const char *attrvalue, size_t attrvaluesize); int puffs_fuse_node_listxattr(const char *path, const char *attrname, size_t attrvaluesize); int puffs_fuse_node_removexattr(const char *path, const char *attrname); int puffs_fuse_node_opendir(const char *path, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_readdir(const char *path, void *data, fuse_fill_dir_t fillinfo, off_t offset, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_releasedir(const char *path, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_fsyncdir(const char *path, int flags, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); void * puffs_fuse_fs_init(struct fuse_conn_info *connectioninfo); void puffs_fuse_node_destroy(void *connection); int puffs_fuse_node_access(const char *path, int accesstype); int puffs_fuse_node_create(const char *path, mode_t permissions, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_ftruncate(const char *path, off_t offset, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_fgetattr(const char *path, struct stat *attrs, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_lock(const char *path, struct fuse_file_info *fileinfo, int locktype, struct flock *lockinfo); int puffs_fuse_node_utimens(const char *path, const struct timespec *newtimes); int puffs_fuse_node_bmap(const char *path, size_t mapsize, uint64_t offset);
refuse is a reimplementation of the file system in user space subsystem. Operations are transported from the kernel virtual file system layer to the concrete implementation behind refuse, where they are processed and results are sent back to the kernel. It uses the framework provided by the puffs(3) subsystem, and, through that, the kernel interface provided by puffs(4).
puffs(3), puffs(4) Antti Kantee and Alistair Crooks, "ReFUSE: Userspace FUSE Reimplementation Using puffs", EuroBSDCon 2007, September 2007.
An unsupported experimental version of refuse first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.
Alistair Crooks <>, Antti Kantee <>
Many, legion, but well-loved. NetBSD 9.3 April 11, 2019 NetBSD 9.3
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