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INFO(5)                                                                INFO(5)

info - readable online documentation
The Info file format is an easily-parsable representation for online documents. It can be read by emacs(1) and info(1) among other pro- grams. Info files are usually created from texinfo(5) sources by makeinfo(1), but can be created from scratch if so desired. For a full description of the Texinfo language and associated tools, please see the Texinfo manual (written in Texinfo itself). Most likely, running this command from your shell: info texinfo or this key sequence from inside Emacs: M-x info RET m texinfo RET will get you there.
AVAILABILITY<version>.tar.gz or any GNU mirror site.
Please send bug reports to, general questions and discussion to
info(1), install-info(1), makeinfo(1), texi2dvi(1), texindex(1). emacs(1), tex(1). texinfo(5). FSF GNU Info INFO(5)
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