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CANCONFIG(8)            NetBSD System Manager's Manual            CANCONFIG(8)

canconfig -- configure CAN network interface parameters
canconfig -a canconfig canif canconfig can command [args ...]
The canconfig utility is used to configure CAN network interface parame- ters and retrieve CAN network interface parameters and status from the kernel. Timing The base time unit used to define the network bit rate is the time quanta (tq), its value is defined by the input clock frequency and the prescaler value as (1/ freq * prescaler). The network bit time is split in 4 segments: sync_seg fixed to 1 tq prop_seg phase_seg1 phase_seg2 The network bit time is (1 + prop_seg + phase_seg1 + phase_seg2), in tq. The sample point is between phase_seg1 and phase_seg2. The receiver hardware is allowed to shorten prop_seg or phase_seg2 to resynchronize with the sender. The swj (Synchronisation Jump Width) parameter defines by how much the hardware can shorten these segments. Some hardware can use 3 sample points instead of one, and keep the major- ity as the final value. Options The options are as follows: -a Display the status of all CAN devices present on the system. This flag is mutually exclusive with all other sub-commands. All other operations require that a CAN interface be specified. If a CAN interface is specified with no sub-commands, the status of that interface is displayed. The following sub-commands are available: up Start network operations on the interface. Requires that all timing parameters have been set. down Stop network operations on the interface. brp value Set the value of the baud rate prescaler. prop_seg value Set the number of tq for the propagation segment. phase_seg1 value Set the number of tq for the phase segment 1. phase_seg2 value Set the number of tq for the phase segment 2. sjw value Set the number of tq for the Synchronisation Jump Width. 3samples Enable triple-sampling. -3samples Disable triple-sampling. listenonly Enable listen-only mode. In this mode the controller is passive, and doesn't send ACKs on the bus. -listenonly Disable listen-only mode. loopback Enable loopback mode. In this mode, the controller doesn't expect ACK from the bus. -loopback Disable loopback mode.
ifconfig.if(5), ifconfig(8)
The canconfig utility first appeared in NetBSD 8.0.
This version of the canconfig utility was written by Manuel Bouyer. NetBSD 9.3 April 15, 2017 NetBSD 9.3
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