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IRFRAMETTY(4)           NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual          IRFRAMETTY(4)

irframetty -- IrDA frame over serial line driver
pseudo-device irframetty #include <dev/irdaio.h>
The irframetty driver provides a tty(4) line discipline to send and receive IrDA frames over a serial line via an IrDA dongle. Access to the frames is via the irframe(4) driver. Different dongles require different handling. The connected dongle type can be set with ioctl(2) calls: IRFRAMETTY_SET_DONGLE (int) Set the dongle type. See the include file for possible dongles. IRFRAMETTY_GET_DONGLE (int) Get the dongle type. IRFRAMETTY_GET_DEVICE (int) Get the number of the irframe(4) device that must be used to access the frames.
irframe(4), irdaattach(8)
The irframetty driver appeared in NetBSD 1.6. NetBSD 9.2 December 3, 2001 NetBSD 9.2
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