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LIBPERFUSE(3)           NetBSD Library Functions Manual          LIBPERFUSE(3)

perfuse_mount, perfuse_open -- Request a puffs(3) mount from perfused(8)
PUFFS-enabled Relay to FUSE Library (libperfuse, -lperfuse)
#include <perfuse.h> int perfuse_mount(const char *source, const char *dir, const char *filesystemtype, long int mountflags, void *data); int perfuse_open(const char *path, int flags);
perfuse_mount() sends a mount request to perfused(8). It is intended as a drop-in replacement for mount(2) for FUSE file systems daemons and libraries, so that they can work with perfused(8). The function prototype mimics Linux's mount(2), with the following argu- ments: source The source file system that will appear in df(1) and mount(8) listings. Defaults to /dev/fuse if NULL. dir The file system mount point. filesystemtype The file system type, as displayed by df(1) and mount(8). Defaults to ``fuse'' if NULL. mountflags This contains the same value as a mount(2) flags argument. data This contains the same value as a mount(2) data argument. perfuse_open() is a drop-in replacement for the open(2) system call where /dev/fuse is used. If path is different than /dev/fuse, perfuse_open() handles control to the regular open(2).
perfuse_mount() returns a file descriptor to the /dev/fuse socket on suc- cess, and causes exit on failure.
PERFUSE_OPTIONS Comma-separated values controlling the usage of some FUSE methods. Allowed values are enable_access, disable_access, enable_creat, disable_creat. PERFUSE_BUFSIZE Set the socket buffer sizes used for communication with the filesystem. This should be raised as opera- tion throughput requires it. Default is 2162688 bytes, which is enough to queue 16 FUSE packets of maximum 132 kB length.
df(1), mount(2), open(2), puffs(3), mount(8), perfused(8)
The program was written by Emmanuel Dreyfus <>. NetBSD 9.2 January 23, 2019 NetBSD 9.2
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