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IO(4)                NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual                IO(4)

io -- HP PA-RISC I/O subsystem reference
The following table lists the PA-RISC I/O subsystems and connected devices found in the supported HP 9000/700 machines. Model MBA SCSI Network Video Misc 705 A SE DX Timber 710 A SE DX Timber 712 LW SE CA, TR Artist 715/33 A SE DX Stinger 715/50 A SE DX Stinger 715/64 LW SE CA Artist 715/75 A SE DX Stinger 715/80 LW SE CA Artist 715/100 LW SE CA Artist 720 A SE DX [SGC] 725/50 A SE DX Stinger 725/75 A SE DX Stinger 725/64 LW SE CA Artist 725/100 LW SE CA Artist 730 A SE DX [SGC] 735 A SE, FWD DX, FDDI [SGC] 742i A SE CA Stinger VME 743i DLW SE DX Artist VME 744 DLW SE DX EG VME 745 DLW SE DX EG VME 745i A SE DX Stinger 747i A SE DX Stinger 748 DLW SE DX EG VME 748i DLW SE DX Artist VME 750 A SE DX [SGC] 755 A SE, FWD DX, FDDI [SGC] J2x0/XC LW SE, FWD CA [GSC] A180 DL SE TLP [GSC/PCI] B1xxL DLW SE, FWD CA EG B1xxL+ DLW SE, UW TLP EG C1x0 LW SE, FWD CA [GSC] C1xxL DLW SE, UW TLP EG RDI DL SE CA EG CardBus SAIC LW SE CA Artist PCMCIA The MBA column denotes the bus adapters in use: A hppa/asp(4) D hppa/dino(4) L hppa/lasi(4) W hppa/wax(4) The trailing characters in the SCSI row denote the SCSI bus configura- tion: SE oosiop(4) or osiop(4); Symbios/NCR 53C700/710 8-bit (fast) single-ended, FWD siop(4); NCR53C720 16-bit fast differential (HVD), UW siop(4); NCR53C875 16-bit ultra single-ended. The trailing digits in the Network row denote the interface speed: CA iee(4); i82596CA 10 Mb/s, DX iee(4); i82596DX 10 Mb/s, TLP tlp(4); DEC 21142/3 10/100 Mb/s, FDDI Am78830 Formac+ FDDI, TR TMS380C26 4/16 Mb/s TokenRing.
hppa/asp(4), hppa/dino(4), hppa/gsc(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/lasi(4), hppa/wax(4), iee(4), oosiop(4), osiop(4), siop(4), sti(4), tlp(4) PA-RISC Information Resource:
The hppa io reference first appeared with OpenBSD 3.3. It was ported to NetBSD 2.0 by Jochen Kunz. NetBSD 9.2 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.2
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