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AUDIOCFG(1)             NetBSD General Commands Manual             AUDIOCFG(1)

audiocfg -- configure default audio device
audiocfg list [index] audiocfg default index audiocfg set index direction encoding precision channels sample_rate audiocfg test index
The audiocfg utility helps maintaining the audio and mixer device sym- links. Run with ``list'', it lists the available audio devices and shows the currently selected default audio device. Run with ``set'', it sets the hardware format. The direction is repre- sented by either of 'p' (playback) or 'r' (record), or both of them. This indicates the direction you want to set. The remaining parameters encoding, precision, channels, and sample_rate indicate the hardware for- mat you want to set. These parameters must be selected from the candi- dates displayed by audiocfg list. Called with ``test'', it plays a tone of 2 seconds for each channel of the device with the index index. Called with ``default'', it sets the default audio device to the one with the index index. audiocfg needs access to /dev/drvctl and write access to /dev (when used with ``default'') to work.
/dev/audio Symlink to default audio device. /dev/audio[0-9]* Available audio devices. /dev/audioctl Symlink to default audio control device. /dev/audioctl[0-9]* Available audio control devices. /dev/drvctl Used for finding the corresponding audio driver to an audio device. /dev/mixer Symlink to default mixer device. /dev/mixer[0-9]* Available mixer devices. /dev/sound Symlink to default audio device (for the difference to /dev/audio, see audio(4)). /dev/sound[0-9]* Available audio devices.
audioplay(1), audiorecord(1), audio(4), drvctl(8) NetBSD 9.1 May 8, 2019 NetBSD 9.1
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