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se -- Cabletron EA41x SCSI bus Ethernet interface driver
se* at scsibus? target ? lun ?
The se driver supports the Cabletron EA41x SCSI bus Ethernet interface. This driver is a bit unusual. It must look like a network interface and it must also appear to be a SCSI device to the SCSI system. In addition, to facilitate SCSI commands issued by userland programs, there are open(), close(), and ioctl() entry points. This allows a user program to, for example, display the EA41x statistic and download new code into the adaptor - functions which can't be performed through the ifconfig(8) interface. Normal operation does not require any special userland program.
scsi(4), ifconfig(8)
Ian Dall <> Acknowledgement: Thanks are due to Philip L. Budne <> who reverse engineered the EA41x. In developing this code, Phil's userland daemon "etherd", was referred to extensively in lieu of accurate documen- tation for the device.
The EA41x doesn't conform to the SCSI specification in much at all. About the only standard command supported is "inquiry". Most commands are 6 bytes long, but the recv data is only 1 byte. Data must be received by periodically polling the device with the recv command. NetBSD 9.1 February 3, 1997 NetBSD 9.1
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