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MEM(4)               NetBSD/sparc Kernel Interfaces Manual              MEM(4)

mem, kmem -- Sun main memory access driver
The file /dev/mem is an interface to the physical memory of the computer. Byte offsets in this file are interpreted as physical memory addresses. Reading and writing this file is equivalent to reading and writing memory itself. An error will be returned if an attempt is made to reference an offset outside of /dev/mem. Kernel virtual memory is accessed via the file /dev/kmem in the same man- ner as /dev/mem. Only kernel virtual addresses that are currently mapped to memory are allowed.
On the SPARC, physical memory may be discontiguous; kernel virtual memory begins at 0xf0000000.
/dev/mem /dev/kmem
The files mem and kmem appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. NetBSD 9.1 June 5, 1993 NetBSD 9.1
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